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What is a LifeGroup Leader?
Even though all LifeGroups are not the same, how groups spend their time is similar to one another. There is time spent hanging out and connecting with each other (usually involving food), a discussion of God's Word, and a time to pray for each other.

Outside of the LifeGroup meetings, every group seeks to regularly reach out to the community to extend the love of Jesus beyond the walls of the church through caring and serving. LifeGroups meet in homes, coffee shops and other places throughout the community.
As a LifeGroup leader, you will help plan and facilitate these meetings!

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Equip Leaders

To be an effective life group leader, we believe you must exemplify 4 essential attributes. Pastor Dale has identified these essential attributes through the use of the acronym L.E.A.D.

L = Love God, people and the church.
E = Set an Example that will inspire and motivate others.

A = Be Attentive to your ministry responsibilities.
D = Focus on Development - develop yourself and the people you have been given responsibility to serve and lead.

This page has been designed to provide tools to assist you in your ministry responsibilities and the development of yourself and the people you have been given responsibility to serve and lead.

2014 Annual Leadership Seminar
Pastor Dale kicked off the 2014 Annual Leadership Seminar with a message about the essential responsibilities of a COR LifeGroup Leader. We shared testimonies, challenges and accomplishments. It was a great evening where we enjoyed each others' company and networked. See below for the agenda and documents shared:

- 2014 Annual Leadership Seminar Agenda (Reference Guide, Team Building, Important Things To Know)
- Intentional Discipleship

Leader Tools

It's important that LifeGroup leaders are equipped to create environments where life change is possible, so we have provided the following curriculum resources. If your group wants to discuss Pastor Dale's sermon message further, visit Sermon Group Discussion. Also, you can search for your group's next study by viewing the options below.



Community Outreach

Visit our Community Outreach page and be part of great opportunities to serve those in need in our community.

LifeGroup New Leader Training

We will equip you in the fundamentals of life group leadership. Below are some date options. Class time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m in Room 114, Gaithersburg Campus. Join us!